Cinnamon Rolls

cinnamon rolls

cinnamon rolls

I found this awesome recipe for cinnamon rolls. They made for a great breakfast this morning!

The recipe is from “Quick Fix Gluten Free” by Robert M. Landolphi. If you find breakfast to be your hardest meal of the day to cook for (ie, you’re missing breads and baked goods for breakfast) then this recipe book is worth it. Quick-Fix Gluten Free




The book also has recipes for Belgian waffles, buttermilk pancakes, cinnamon raisin french toast, and (from the cover) sweet cheese crepes with caramelized peaches and granola, yum! It has great reviews from others too. The other sections include salads, tasty comforts, international flavors, battered and fried, and bread.

Omission- The “Gluten-Free” Gluten Beer

Omission, Pale Ale and Lager

Widmer Brothers Brewing Co., Portland Oregon

I’m so excited to see this one becoming popular in NH.  First, it’s from my favorite brewer: Widmer Bros (WBB).  The makers of Drifter and other wonderful non-GF beers.  Second, they’re a sister brewery to our own Redhook in Portsmouth under the company Craft Brew Alliance (CBA) since 2008.  But the best part of all, now WBB is taking an active part to bring out a beer that everyone can enjoy!

(PS, check back soon for a beer review of Omission done by our friend at Journey To The Beer Store!)

This one is tricky, it’s not quite a gluten-free beer….

If you’ve been looking into GF beers for awhile you’ll know that most are made with a different base (sorghum and rice come to mind), so that they don’t have a chance of having any gluten in them.  But there’s another type of GF beer, one that can’t quite call itself GF because truth be told there is barley in it.  Omission is brewed with all the ingredients in a regular beer: malted barley, hops, yeast, and water.  According to Omission, they’ve developed a proprietary process to remove the gluten.  This removes the gluten to a point of it having less than 20ppm (and most of the time less than 10ppm) of gluten in their beer.

So here comes the tricky part: You can’t be GF if you have a gluten product in your beer.  At least for now.  The FDA is working on defining what “Gluten-Free” can mean.  There are proposed definitions that allow a product to claim itself as “Gluten-Free” if it has a prohibited grain ingredient (in Omission’s case it’s barley)- so long as the grain has the gluten removed through a process to a level below 20ppm.  Does that make sense?

So Omission can not call itself a GF beer outside of it’s native state of Oregon yet, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t tried to their fullest extent to make this beer “Gluten-Free” for you.

So how do you know it’s GF if it’s not “Gluten-Free”?

You can test your beer! Yes, that’s right, you can buy your Omission Lager or Pale Ale, look for a special code on the bottle, and check your code on their website here.  The code will pull up a report for that batch of beer, telling you exactly how many ppm of gluten is in it.  The test is done by an independent lab using R5 Competitive ELISA testing.  Another important note for the extremely gluten-sensitive person: The beer is brewed at Widmer Brothers Brewing Co. in a facility where other beers that contain gluten are brewed.  Their gluten testing is done before and after bottling to make sure there is little cross contamination and to make sure each bottle meets their standards for quality and gluten-free content.

All right, now the fun part, where can I get it in NH?

The great thing about Omission is they have an established name to go off of: Widmer Bros.  They already have a great distribution base.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have reached the Keene area or too much of the North Country.  Southern NH has a ton of places to buy Omission.  There are even a few restaurants starting to serve it.  So here’s a list of places you can buy Omission or have one with your dinner out on the town.  You can also use the beer finder link here.

Concord Area: Barbs Beer Emporium, Shaws, Penuches Ale House

Seacoast: Portsmouth and Seabrook Shaws, Top Shelf Brews, Philbrick’s Fresh Market, Trader Joes

Lakes Region: Wineing Butcher, Case N Keg, EM Heath

Littleton: Walmart, Littleton Food Co Op

North Conway: Raffertys, Flatbread

Southern NH: Shaws: Windham, Salem, Nashua (and several other locations)


More information on Omission can be found at their website,

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Thanksgiving Review

Thanksgiving went by quickly, and Christmas is coming fast.  But before we set aside Thanksgiving I wanted to let you all know how my gluten free dinner went.

The butternut squash and apple soup was amazing!  I would make it again in a heart beat, it has a lot of ingredients but it’s worth the time. The recipe can be found in the Living Without magazine. The cornbread sausage stuffing (also from LW magazine) – I made my own cornbread a few days before Thanksgiving to let it stale, then when you’re ready to make the stuffing you just add the stale bread. This was a favorite with the family!  Butterball is the only brand of turkey that I buy for Thanksgiving now, but if anyone has found anything that they like better let me know.
After Thanksgiving if you have any leftovers… make a bowl of soup add the stuffing and turkey and enjoy a new creation!


Thanksgiving – The GF Way!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Every year since I’ve been diagnosed, I’ve been using the Living Without magazine to create a Thanksgiving meal.
Butterball makes a GF turkey and this year I’m filling it with corn bread sausage stuffing! Also, a raspberry salad, apricot chicken wings, and butternut squash and apple soup.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

Recipes can be found at Living Without if you have a subscription to the magazine, which I highly recommend!
Corn bread sausage stuffing in the Oct/Nov 2012 magazine
Raspberry tossed salad in the Dec/Jan 2011 magazine
Apricot chicken wings in the April/May 2012 magazine
Butternut squash and apple soup in the Oct/Nov 2011 magazine

Happy GF Baking, and Happy Thanksgiving!


There are so many restaurants in NH that have started to offer gluten-free menus, beer stores that carry gluten-free beers, health food stores with specialty products… wouldn’t life be easier to not have to visit 10 different stores to find wheat free ice cream cones, hot dog buns, and graham crackers?  We’ve been keeping track for years of restaurants and stores and are continually finding more that offer just what you want, and now we’d like to share it with you.  We’ll feature them on the blog and Facebook, let us know if you’ve found a hidden gem that serves up your favorite food sans gluten!